Hajp makes your favorite places even better

Visit your favorite places

Visit your favorites places, or find new ones through search, the map or the categories within the Hajp app.

Collect points

Collect points by buying different products and using your favorite services.

Claim rewards

The points you collect can be used for different awards.

How? What? Where?

Search promotions of different companies. Once you meet the promotion conditions contact the staff that can issue a unique verification code. Enter the verification code and start collecting points in that company. When you collect enough points you will be able to use them for a reward in that company.

Find promotion

View available promotions and awards for the company and find the one you like most.


Meet the conditions for a particular promotion or reward and contact the company's staff.

Request code

Request a verification code for a particular promotion or reward from the company's staff.

Enter code

Enter the verification code for an adequate promotion or award no later than 5 minutes after the issue.


To find out about promotions and awards easier add a company to your favorite places.