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What is Hajp?

Hajp business portal allows you to configure your loyalty system, and provides you with the insight into your users‘ activities and interests, in order to help you organize your marketing activities better.


The loyalty system encourages users to come back and buy from you again.

Special offers

Emphasize the best promotions and rewards.

Push notifications

Notifications on your users' phones.

Easy Setup

Easily adjust promotions and rewards.


Monitor the performance of your loyalty system.

No Integration

Hajp does not require integration with other systems.


Mobile App

Create a loyalty system that your customers can access by using our mobile app.

For all service industries

Regardless of what kind of services and products you offer your customers, the Hajp platform provides you with an easy setup and with immense flexibility in configuring your loyalty program. To get started, you just need to create an account, a promotion, and a reward, so that your customers can start collecting points.

How Hajp works

The Hajp platform allows you to configure your marketing activities in a couple of simple steps and in the most modern and effective way. You just need to provide basic information about your company, then to create one promotion and a reward, and your loyalty system will be ready for use.


Give your promotion/award a name and description.


Enrich it with your own photo or one we provide.


Determine how many points it will be worth/cost.


See how it will look on mobile devices.


Make your rewards and promotions visible to users.

I have promotions and rewards. Now what?

Present your offer through promotions and rewards. Once the user meets promotion or reward condition generate a unique verification code. Each verification code that you generate refers to one specific promotion and can be used only once - no later than within 5 minutes. Users collect points through promotions and once they have enough poins they can use them to get rewards.


Inform users of your offer and the option to collect points and redeem them for rewards.


Check whether your users meet promotion and reward conditions.

Generate code

Generate a verification code for an adequate promotion or a reward that can only be used once.

Enter code

Show the code to the user and inform that the code is valid within the next 5 minutes.

Favorite places

Remind users to add your company to favorite places and easily track your promotions and rewards.

Reach your customers where they‘re most active!

Create promotions and rewards and enrich them with descriptions and photos to attract the attention of your customers or users of our application. Turn your business into a favorite place for your customers, reaching them in the most practical and most intuitive way, completely free of charge.

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